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A weird thing I find incredibly helpful for art/writing.


deadcantdraw: is a website that sells blueprints for houses. 

This might not seem that helpful but if you want a characters house you can make selections based on what sort of house you want them to live in. 


Then browse through the results and find the house you want. Then you can view the blueprints and have a room layout for that house, which can help with visualising the space they live in. 


It makes describing generic homes so much easier.

thank you


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you now cosplay your icon for every day of your life from now on how screwed are you

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petukocasual played Kingdom Hearts in my room while I was drawing today

fun times at K’s :3

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I was looking up replacement pens for my intuous on amazon when I found this

(12:15:27 AM) K Fox: ………..
(12:15:29 AM) K Fox: …………………
(12:16:07 AM) Petuko: truly astonishing

it’s legit


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The FILM LOVER CHALLENGE A.K.A. COUCH POTATO CHALLENGE. List 15 movies that you love as fast as you can! Then tag 5 humans. Non-humans are okay too.

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  1. The Beast of War
  2. Kelly’s Heroes
  3. UHF
  4. Back to the Future
  5. The Good the Bad and the Ugly
  6. Secret of NIMH
  7. My Neighbor Totoro
  8. Kiki’s Delivery Service
  9. The Matrix
  10. The Rescuers Down Under
  11. O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  12. Porco Rosso
  13. Royal Space Force
  14. Raiders of the Lost Ark
  15. Star Wars

ofc. after that I thought of a ton more that I love but THEMS THE RULES

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I was looking up replacement pens for my intuous on amazon when I found this

(12:15:27 AM) K Fox: ………..
(12:15:29 AM) K Fox: …………………
(12:16:07 AM) Petuko: truly astonishing

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uh. so I was cleaning my tablet pen and kind of accidentally disassembled it to pieces.


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my sister did this

1. your nickname Petuko
2. your eye colour blue
3. your hair colour black or really dark brown
4. one fact about you I am tankophile trash
5. favourite colour oh my gosh a lot of them but here are a few;


mostly though I like certain combinations of colors that make magic together

6. favourite place that’s a hard one umm probably irl either the mountains or empty roads at night
7. favourite celebrity I don’t really follow celebs honestly
8. favourite animal foxes! are you surprised
9. favourite song shit um well, right now, that warriors song by imagine dragons
10. favourite book I don’t read a whole ton but I really enjoyed Shutterbabe by Deborah Copaken Kogan

feel free to tag yourself and do it if you want!

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Lmfao so

my parents are moving sometime in the next few years to a house in the mountains, and my dad was cleaning out his garage and brought in several boxes of my old things that I had totally forgotten about. Mostly toys and PC game boxes

so many fossils. so much nostalgia.

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vent art based on old vent art
collecting my thoughts

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Best of You - cover by Boyce Avenue

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Ever wondered what my art looked like ~10 years ago?

Like this, mostly

You can see Janice and Alexa at the top there. Bottom left character is one I haven’t drawn/used since then

I should draw Janice more often she’s due for a proper redesign again and doesn’t get enough love.

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So, apparently the new smash bros is NOT going to be compatible with the circle pad pro.

THANKS NINTENDO. It’s not like I just bought one of those a few weeks ago before I knew this. It’s such a shame too, because I mainly bought it for my XL to make holding it more comfortable, but now it’s useless to me. I guess I’ll have to return it. =/

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Like it says on the tin, quick character commissions! 

I’m in a financial bind right now so I’m taking cheap commissions. These are the kind of thing I can do quickly and with confidence, given adequate reference. I take payment upfront in USD via paypal and prefer that you contact me through my email - Once I’ve finished, you’ll walk away with the clean scan, if it’s pencil (that means no stray lines in the margins and no ink from the other side showing through), and a full resolution jpeg if it’s digital. 

Pencil drawing - $11
Digital lines - $11
Digital lines + color - $16

What I need from you: Email me what you want with as much reference as possible and if you want a specific pose/expression. I’ll confirm I’ve received your email and then tell you to proceed to paypal. 

I’ll take these until further notice, however please refer to original post to ensure that that is still the case. 
That being said - please signal boost! I’m in the hole from cons and would appreciate tremendously the support. 

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Animated process gif for that painting I did.